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SE SFTE SpetsTechnoExport ( STE ) is a Ukrainian state-owned foreign trade enterprise that makes a significant contribution to the development of the Defense and strategic industries. Specializes in export and import of products and services of the Defense industry, cybersecurity, innovation development, establishing defense and technical cooperation with partner countries. STE represents Ukrainian manufacturers of the defense industry abroad - about 100 state-owned enterprises, 70 private manufacturers, 35 research centers, and 30 design bureaus. Our mission is to increase the presence of products of Ukrainian scientific and technical activities and defense industry in the world market by providing partner countries with integrated security solutions, establishing bilateral research and production cooperation and expanding the network of foreign missions.


The Maritime Autonomous Guard Unmanned Robotic Apparatus (MAGURA) V-type is next-generation multi-role unmanned surface vessel (USV) developed in Ukraine. The MAGURA V5 can perform multiple operations, such as surveillance, reconnaissance, patrol, search-and-rescue, mine warfare, naval fleet security, combat missions. The MAGURA V5 developed using advanced design techniques. The hydrodynamic hull and sleek profile of the V5 allow it to travel covertly with superior maneuverability. It is an affordable solution that is easy to launch from any remote location. The unmanned operation of the V5 minimizes manpower requirements for missions, reducing potential fatalities when operating in harsh conditions.


The «ADMU-12» Complex is designed and manufactured by taking into consideration the studied experience of other manufacturers of equipment for counteraction undesirable UAVs. At the same time, special attention was paid to achieving the best value for the price / quality ratio. Complex implements the principle of radio frequency detection of UAVs, as the only objectively reliable. All the radio signals detected by the Complex are analyzed by its internal algorithms without the need to access cloud services (external databases). The Complex constructively consists of two modules: a module of scanning receivers (MSR) and a module of analysis and control (MAC). MSR and MAC are interconnected by RS-485 type switching and control bus (SCB). The Complex is designed to work in FULLY AUTOMATIC mode. The decision of the presence of a UAV over the protected object is made by automation without human intervention. Complex can work in two Alarm-logics (which is set by the installer during commissioning).


Punisher is the first Ukrainian airstrike drone. It is designed and developed by veterans in 2016 for reliable and high precision airstrikes behind enemy frontline. Reusability allows Punisher to use expensive components in the most optimal way comparing to kamikaze drones. It significantly reduces the cost of missions, increases efficiency and the number of completed tasks. Punisher was created and used for special operations: STRIKE, RECON, CARGO & PSY. Nowadays 2023 it is a unique airstrike drone in Ukraine with worlds cheapest cost of mission.


Due to its small dimensions, the Malyuk rifle can be used in SMG tactical niche. In this role, a special type of 5.45 mm ammunition is used. This type of ammo has 500 m/s speed and can be supplied with or without a steel penetrative core. Advantages of Malyuk weapon-ammo complex: - Absence of ricochets, usual for standard 5.45 mm; - Absence of over-penetration through target body or obstacle; - Substantial decrease of felt recoil, superb weapon controllability; - Ballistics match standard on actual SMG deployment ranges (50-100 m) Behind the effective range bullet becomes safe fast; - Advanced functionality with the same weight is much more effective than simply adding new heavy components; - Ergonomically designed elements were made with speed and secure deployment in mind.


The Shoolika Mk6 drone is designed to drop various types of munitions onto the enemy, including 82 mm bombs, RKG granade and PTAB-2,5Ko. Using two independent Here3 GNSS (as primary external compasses) is a cost-effective GNSS that supports RTK mode. Positioning accuracy up to one centimeter in an ideal environment. The drone has protection from GNSS jamming and spoofing attacks.


The NOTA system is designed to neutralize UAVs, disrupt mobile networks (GSM, UMTS, LTE, CDMA, Wi-Fi, VHF), countering signal and radar intelligence systems. The NOTA system provides direction finding sources of radio emission and radio jamming wireless communication, channels of satellite navigation, remote control, telemetry, and technical intelligence means. The NOTA system is designed for military and civil applications. It can be adjusted to customer requirements (frequency band, emission pattern, power, etc.). The operation Console of the system has a unified WEB interface (thin client) and allows the simultaneous work of several operators. The system can be used at airports, while certain frequencies for airborne radio communication or frequencies required for the safe landing of aircraft may not be muted. The required parameters are specified by the software.


Automatic grenade launcher with 40 mm bore shoots for a distance of over 2200 meters. It is intended for firing at enemy s infantry, light-armored vehicles, and protected shelters.

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